University of Maryland, Baltimore County, opening new π² Immersive Hybrid Reality Lab.

The Hybrid Reality Lab will run variety of software, in particular SAGE2.


See opening announcement:

π² will be one of the most advanced visualization facilities of its kind in the mid-Atlantic region. UMBC sees it as enabling new research efforts on the visual exploration of data and knowledge discovery for biology, math, engineering, visual arts, and digital humanities as well as a tool to study and enhance the potential of the medium itself.

The instrument will feature a curved wall with a 50 million pixel resolution made from multi-column, thin-bezel, and stereo-capable LCD panels with a six degree-of-freedom tracking system. The system will integrate and leverage many important characteristics: immersion, hybrid reality, high resolution, large field of view, large space and size, body-centric human-computer interaction, and support for heterogeneous data fusion.


UMBC’s new π² Immersive Hybrid Reality Lab running SAGE2
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