2016-11-12-12-11-52For those attending SC16 in Salt Lake City, Utah, we will hold the annual “SAGE2: Scalable Amplified Group Environment for Global Collaboration” Birds of a Feather (BOF):

SAGE2 is an innovative, user-centered, web-based platform that enables local and/or distributed teams to display, manage, share and investigate large-scale datasets on tiled display walls in order to glean insights and discoveries. SAGE2 enables users to easily display and juxtapose digital media (2D/3D charts, graphs, images, movies or documents) from a variety of sources. SAGE2, announced at SC14, is the next-generation SAGE (Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment), which was the defacto operating system for managing Big Data content on tiled display walls for almost a decade. SAGE2 provides the scientific community with persistent visualization and collaboration services for global cyberinfrastructure.

This BOF provides a Forum for SAGE2 developers to meet with the the SAGE/SAGE2 global user community and potential users; specifically:

  • to introduce key SAGE2 team members
  • to highlight SAGE2 research and education applications
  • to review SAGE2 capabilities and applications
  • to provide an overview of the SAGE2 roadmap
  • to solicit feedback

To see SAGE2 demonstrations, visit us in the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) research booth on the exhibition floor from Tuesday-Thursday, booth # 2501.

See you at SC16!

Maxine Brown and Luc Renambot
Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)
University of Illinois at Chicago

Jason Leigh
Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications (LAVA)
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

SAGE and SAGE2 are trademarks of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.
For more information, see: www.sagecommons.org

SAGE2 Meeting at SC16
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