by Virtual Experiences Laboratory (VXLab), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

December 2016—The SAGE2 CTM Full-Screen Viewer Video was a project by the Virtual Experiences Laboratory (VXLab) at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Using one of the standard SAGE2 demos, staff member Garry Keltie modified the code so Viewer images could be scaled to a larger size than previously possible, making images suitable for display on RMIT’s 40-Megapixel Global Operations Visualization (GOV) Lab in RMIT’s Virtual Experiences Laboratory (VXLab).

YouTube video:


Here is a frame from the RMIT VXLab 2016 video “SAGE2 CTM Full-Screen Viewer Video” on RMIT’s 40-Megapixel GOV Lab display wall.

SAGE2 CTM Full-Screen Viewer Video
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