CAP TODAY, a newsletter of the College of American Pathologists, has an article about Bruce Levy, MD, associate chief medical informatics officer and director of the clinical informatics (CI) fellowship program at Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, who runs a virtual conference series for CI fellows (medical residents) with Douglas Bell, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. CI is a new medical subspecialty now being taught at about 24 U.S. institutions, with 1-2 students per site, so the goal is to have them interact and learn from each other. Several years go, Levy, who was then at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), began using SAGE2 for these online classes, and is now applying for funding to build a SAGE2 installation at Geisinger so he can continue to use it.

The virtual conference series has proven successful. “‘We’re [even] getting requests to join the conference from outside what you would consider the traditional core of informatics,’ Dr. Levy says. ‘We’ve gotten requests from [institutions] that don’t yet have an informatics program but have physicians that are interested in the area or medical students or residents who are interested in applying to CI programs…The vision of CI fellowships,’ he states, ‘is not to train pathology informaticians, pediatric informaticians, or obstetric informaticians, but to train informaticians.’ Adds Dr. Bell: ‘Ultimately, we’re trying to train the next generation of leaders responsible for information systems.’” To read the article, see:

As shown in this photo, in 2015 while at UIC, Levy, with John Manning, MD, conducted the online CI fellowship program using SAGE2 on his tiled display wall to juxtapose a variety of information, and was then broadcast to other institutions using Hangouts on Air with YouTube Live so others could see, along with a Google Docs file that students could use to send questions.

In virtual informatics conference series, students teach and learn
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