February 10, 2017 — Jason Leigh and Dylan Kobayashi of University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and Luc Renambot of University of Illinois at Chicago, were interviewed for Research Computing and Engineering’s podcast (RCE-cast).

The podcast focuses on High Performance Computing, and is produced by Brock Palen of University of Michigan and MLDS networks, in collaboration with Jeff Sqyres of Cisco Systems. The hosts first asked the SAGE2 team for an overview of the system, and Leigh, SAGE2 principal investigator, talked about how it is both a productivity tool and a creativity tool, and provides local and remote users with the ability to juxtapose and share lots of high-resolution information like a “giant jigsaw puzzle.” Once the hosts better understood its features, they delved deeper into SAGE2’s architecture, the hardware it needs to run on, the networking required to access or share information, and future goals. Listen to the 35-minute interview at:

SAGE2 Featured on Research Computing and Engineering Podcast
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